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G'Day tomorrow! Google launches forward thinking technology

Steps Google Australia has announced the launch of gDay, a new beta search technology that will search web pages 24 hours before they are created.

Google's new gDay search engine, developed in Google's Sydney engineering centre, can accurately predict future events and internet content.

According to Google, the accuracy of the artificial intelligence Machine Automated Temporal Extrapolation (MATE) system is anywhere between 75 per cent and 95 per cent.

"It depends on the Web site in question and the day of the week, for example, our spiders don't work Sundays" a Google spokesperson said.

gDay creates a sophisticated model of what the Internet will look like 24 hours from now - including share price movements, sports results and news events, from Australian Web sites only. Google's testing of gDay has found that results beyond a 24 hour period are statistically unreliable.

"Google's Australian engineers have a history of major technological innovations, from Google Maps to Mapplets to Traffic for Google Maps. Giving humankind the ability to see 24 hours into the future is just a natural progression - of sorts," said Alan Noble, Head of Engineering for Google Australia & New Zealand.

"Maybe you want to see tomorrow's rugby scores. Maybe you want to see tomorrow's lotto numbers. Maybe this is the greatest freakin' product ever."

Users who like a casual flutter and share traders are said to benefit most from gDay. "All past lotto results are publicly available on the web so gDay can extrapolate tomorrow's results, but supplementary numbers and Super66 are still a bit dicey," a Google spokesperson said.

Early trials of gDay, searching 365 days into the future, predicted Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page as joint winners of the 2008 Brownlow Medal.


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