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Ibm Software Launches New Software Technology

NEW DELHI: Global IT major IBM on Monday launched a software, ProAct, which will help service sectors like call centres and hospitality to get better insights of their operations.

The new business intelligence technology, developed by IBM's India Research Laboratory, would help organisations gain new business insights that can be used to improve customer satisfaction, develop new products and services, IBM India Research Laboratory Senior Manager (Information and User Technologies) Mukesh K Mohania told the media.

The software would provide business intelligence to sectors such as call centres based on the information gathered by companies during customer service calls and other interactions. However, the service can be extended to other service industries like hotel and hospitality, he added.

Moreover, ProAct can successfully reduce the customer-agent interaction data analysis time from 10 minutes per enquiry to only 30 seconds for the entire record of data, he said.

The software has already been deployed in some call centres.

For most companies, valuable information that can help improve their businesses is often buried within the e-mail, text messages and transcribed call logs used to document interactions between customers and service agents, he said adding ProAct automates previously manual analysis of customer service calls and provides timely insight to help companies rapidly assess and improve their performance.

ProAct also can help automate a call centre's tasks, enhance their agent performance and identify new or expanded sales opportunities.


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